So you want to Tan like your Favorite Celeb for the Upcoming Vacation?

So you want to tan like your favorite celeb for the upcoming vacation? But with issues like skin burns, early ageing, and skin cancer; are you confused about the safest way to do so? It is true that finding the healthy way to get tanned becomes difficult at times. However, with the rise of technological innovations, you can easily avail the best tanning treatment through melatonin.

Rising popularity of tanning

Gone are those days when having a darker complexion was associated with that of an inferior identity. With changing times, many fair skin people are looking for ways to get that perfect tan complexion. Tanning these days is more of a fashionable trend.

People living in the western part of the world strive for that flawless tan complexion to look alluring. While some do it for special occasions, there are people who prefer maintaining it all year round. It is due to this ‘feel good, look good’ factor that there has been a rising prominence of tanning among people nowadays.

Ways to get tanned

  1. Natural sun tanning

It is a process of getting a darker skin tone through direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This can be done either by sunbathing or through the use of artificial tanning lamps.

It has been scientifically proven that direct exposure to sunlight leads to consequences like skin cancer, poor immune system, premature aging, etc. So, this process is harmful.

  1. Tanning salons-

There are several tanning salons which offer indoor tanning facilities. People need to lie on tanning beds for a particular period where they get their body tanned through various tanning sessions.

One can even purchase sprays and lotions from there to maintain their tan complexion. Since these salons too make use of UVA light rays, there are chances that a person can have permanent skin damage.

  1. Sunless tanning products

Modern technological innovations have brought sunless tanning injections which are considered to be the safest modes of tanning treatment. It is the melanotan injections which are considered to be the best here. People have buy melatonin options from various online retailers who provide durable products.

Effectiveness of melanotan as compared to another tanning process

Melanin is a natural substance present in human bodies that determine the colour of our hair and skin. People with low melanin have lighter skin colour while darker skin tone people have more melanin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone which raises the level of melanin once injected into the body. This darkens the skin automatically. The dried powder substance needs to be reconstituted with sterile water before injecting. You can take the initial dosage as per your preference of tan complexion. Once it is attained, you can simply switch to maintenance dosage, only of once a week. From long lasting tan to weight loss, melatonin is the safest procedure offering great effectiveness.

Availability to buy melatonin

Online retailers have shipment facilities of melatonin injections all over the world. Professionals check the melatonin vials before delivering to customers. Thus, you can be completely assured of the quality and durability of these products.

So, what are you still thinking of? With these injections emerging as the safest sunless treatment, these are now must-haves for any individual.